Hours, Scheduling

Q. What are the store hours?
A. The hours are
Monday through Thursday 7am - 7pm
Friday through Saturday 7am - 9pm
(Because of all the most awesome entertainment on the weekends!!)

Espresso, Specialty Drinks

Q. What is the difference between a Cappuccino and a Latte?
A. The only difference is in the milk added to the Espresso. Both drinks start with a single or double shot espresso base. To make a latte, the barista simply adds steamed milk and flavoring if requested. A standard Cappuccino consists of equal parts of all three ingredients, one part milk foam, (which is lighter than steamed milk) one part steamed milk, and one part espresso. Some coffee drinkers prefer more milk foam than steamed milk, this is called a dry Cappuccino. Others prefer more steamed, and this is a wet Cappuccino, very close to a latte. A common confusion often occurs when a customer orders a Cappuccino and expects a latte. They pick up the cup and it may be a little lighter than they expect, which leads them to think they have been jipped out of their joe! The "lightness" of the drink is, of course, due to the milk foam. In this pre-caffeinated condition, a person can understandably, be a little cranky and demand a redo. So there you have it, consider yourself educated! If you like more milk, and more substance, you're looking for a latte. If you like the airy, whipped texture of foamed milk, consider a Cappuccino.

Business Practices, Social Awareness

Q. What is "Fair Trade Coffee?"
A. Our coffee is Fair Trade Certified. Fair Trade is a term used to describe the practice of ensuring that international farmers, often from underdeveloped countries, are guaranteed a fair market price in exchange for their goods and services. In turn, Fair Trade certified farmers and growers are required to maintain safe, legal working conditions. When you purchase a Fair Trade Certified item you are doing your part to help support small farmers and families and create social awareness around the world.

Menu, Venue, Ambiance

Q. What sets Get'n Grounded apart from other coffee houses?
A. We have a little bit of everything. We offer drive through convenience and a relaxed, comfortable, coffee house vibe inside. Our cafe is spacious enough for live, nightly entertainment, yet well-suited for studying or reading during the day. Free wi-fi makes it the perfect office-away-from-the-office. In addition to coffees and specialty coffee drinks, our eclectic snack and beverage menu considers every lifestyle and mood, offering everything from Smith Island cakes, Fresh Bagels, and chocolate chip cookies, if you're feeling indulgent, to A´┐žai Berry smoothies and Protein shakes, for your after-workout boost. We also offer a light fare breakfast and lunch carte. So come on in and read by the fire, or surf the web to the relaxing sounds of the water fountain. Whatever your state of mind, we have something to offer.